Saturday, 15 January 2011


Are you a writer? Are you an aspiring author?... Either way, this very important issues NEEDS YOU!
Are you in school or have you got a kid in school? perhaps they could write an article and publish it in their school newspaper or as part of a class project!

We need everyone to get involved. The youth also need to be aware of this because it's their future at stake!

If you write as much as you can and publish on blogs, send the articles to newspapers etc then we can get more people aware of it.

Write about why the forests shouldn't be sold? why  do you care? What do you want people to do? Send a copy to your MP.

Please don't forget to send a link to Save Britain's Forests (SBF) 

Thank you!



Andy Wightman said...

I am writing in Observer tomorrow on this topic. First thing to do is to rename the campaign Save England's forests cos there are no plans to sell off forests in Scotland or Wales and Northern Ireland has its own forestry service and no plans there either.

Save Britain's Forests said...

Hi Andy,
thanks for your comment. I have just read your article and you make very interesting points. I have shared it on Twitter.
As for the name. The reason why it says Britain is because even though the forests in England are under threat (and as you said Scotland/Wales and Northern Ireland have no plans to sell theirs), they can be and should be enjoyed by all the residents of UK and Northern Ireland and therefore they are British.

If the forests in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland were under threat, I would hope that people in England would care.

Best wishes

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