Monday, 17 January 2011


YouGov Panelists were sent out a survey this morning.  One of the question was:

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

"Publicly owned forests and woodlands should be kept in public ownership for future generations."

"The Government should sell off publicly owned forests and woodlands so other people, who may run them better, can buy them."

Then the options for replies were one of:

Strongly agree/Tend to agree/Neither agree nor disagree/Tend to disagree/Strongly disagree/Don't know

What do you think? do you think it is a good sign?

Results should appear here.


jude said...

Why is there an assumption that forests in private hands will be run better? For this is implicit in the way the questions have been structured. When will governments learn that once something is privatised - that is what it is - private for the owner to do as they like. Once our forests are in private hands the government will have no contral and we will lose them either by them being destroyed or the public being kept out.

Anonymous said...

The second question is leading! I'm not encouraged by this. I don't like the way they have phrased it. People could agree with both statements quite easily. There could do with being a couple more questions added -

"The Government should be consulting Nationwide with the Public who's Forests's it wishes to sell off"

"If the Government really believes in the ideal of 'Big Society' and truly wants the Public to run the Forests then it should support Communities to do this rather than offer to sell them that which is already theirs at a price they can in no way afford"

Anonymous said...

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

Its widely known that poll questions can be framed to give the correct result.

But the results are genuine and numbers don't lie...

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