Sunday, 16 January 2011

No entry: Public barred as forests sold off - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Photo is not from the article. 

There is an interesting piece in today's Sunday Times written by Jonathan Leake and Selina Cuff. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

The government's Forestry Commission has quietly sold off 30,000 acres of English woodland, with many sites snapped up by private owners who have greatly reduced or banned public access.

...Westwood Forest had been quietly sold in February last year to a private timber company which then restricted public access to the legal minimum - which in this case is a single footpath.

in 2009 alone, 51 sites were sold, totalling  2,500 acres, with another 37 woods covering 2,000 acres sold last year.

...woodland sales can see the public effectively excluded by new landowners through the removals of car parks and direction signs, and the introduction of fences, gates, warning notices....

Riggs Wood, near Coniston in the Lake District, was sold last October....once it had been purchased, locals found access to the parking area was blocked and signs were erected warning that the woods were "private property".

Save Britain's Forests, Save Lakeland Forests and Hands Off Forest of Dean are also mentioned in this article.

The full article can be read in The Sunday Times.

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Wyrdtimes said...

Why do you persist in disseminating the lie that "Britain's" forests are for sale?

Clearly it is English forestry that is for sale not Britain's.

FloTom said...

They are NOT British Forests. They are English Forests.

Get if right stop misleading the people of England.

Richard of England said...

This whole project is all wrong. If you do your research you will find it's only England's forests that may be up for sale, not Britain's.

I'd be interested in your opinions about sales of forests in Scotland or Wales. What do you know about them? Please can you say what forests in those countries that are under threat.

Save Britain's Forests said...

Thank you for your comments guys.

I understand that only English forests are up for sale, but in times of budget cuts you never know what will happen in the future.

All the forests in UK should be enjoyed by all the residents of U.K.

It doesn't matter where in U.K you live in - forests needs everyone's support.


Sandie said...

To those who say that, at this point in time only English forests are for sale - I need to point out that great swathes of Scottish forests ripe for felling have already been sold to well known celebrities - Terry Wogan and Cliff Richard to name a couple -

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